600 Heritage Drive
Madison, Tennessee  37115



Owner Responsibilities

All doors, windows, screens, fences, patios, must be kept in good repair and free of debris. Pets can not be kept on a patio and must be leashed when outside.

Metropolitan leash laws apply. Walk your pet in a common area not used by the public. Do not use shrubs or plants near homes or mailboxes. Be considerate of barefooted children who play on the grass. Always dispose of your pets waste. The area near retention ponds is preferable.

Association By-Laws and regulations. Please read them carefully. Remember, you now live in a common areas property. Heritage Village has a reputation as a good place to live. The board welcomes your ideas and criticisms. Your cooperation is appreciated.

General Areas of Responsibilities & Expense

Owner Responsibility and Expense:

Air and Heating units
Carport surface 
Cablevision service
Exterior doors & weather seals 
Electrical, connections & wiring inside
Electrical service out side connections
Insurance, interior and personal belongings 
Interior of homes
Lawns & planting adjacent to home 
Lighting connected to homes 
Patio surface, fence, greenery (trees)
Porches & Stoops to sidewalk 
Plumbing, inside (Including faucets outside) 
Window maintenance, weather sealing



Association Responsibility and Expense:

Building exterior
Clubhouse maintenance
Common grounds
Insurance on building 
Lawns & trees, common area
Lighting, streets, common area 
Mail boxes (Keys are post office property)
Roof & gutters 
Storage area structural repair
Water lines, outside & under homes
Water service

Read the Master Deed, By-Laws, and Rules and Regulations, for complete details.

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Managed by
Dana Tiblier Management Services
P.O. Box 50845
Nashville, TN  37205

Fax: 353-5539

Board Members:

Francis Santini,
Rick Sims
Vice President
Norma Yarbrough
Linda Stone
Darryl Brady

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