Dear Homeowner,

We, your Condo board, are excited at the opportunity to bring Google Fiber to Heritage Village. Please indicate your written approval below for Google Fiber to make your unit Fiber-ready.

How will they do it? The install typically involves bringing fiber through a hallway and closet (to be identified and approved in a design review by the Condo board) and then connecting to a wall plate with a Fiber Jack.

For reference, here is a picture of the wall plate with the Fiber Jack (shown next to a phone jack for scale):

The board will schedule the initial installation for the entire building and communicate those dates/times that access will be needed into each condo.


Please sign your approval to bring Fiber into your unit By October 31, 2015:

Property Address: __________________________________

Unit Number: _____________

Name: _____________________________________

Signature: ___________________________________

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