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Heritage Village is made up of 193 units, the oldest built in the early 1970's with several phases built in the 1980's. 

'The Village' is home to a wide variety of residents.  Many of us enjoy the convenient location and short commute to downtown Nashville.  Some of us have busy lifestyles and are attracted to condo living:  no lawn to mow!  The ease and location are added benefits to retirees in our community who take comfort in knowing their neighbors. 

The residents of Heritage Village get together several times a year to get to know each other.  Last year several potluck dinners were held.  The Neighborhood Committee holds an annual meeting.  A community garage sale is scheduled each year in May.

Residents who enjoy volunteer opportunities are encouraged to pitch in.  Walkers pick up any trash they may come across.  Swimmers help keep the pool area clean.  Many homeowners got together to give our light poles, mailboxes, and electrical boxes a fresh coat of paint.  A group of volunteers assembled and installed the new lights in the Village

Heritage Village is a nice place to live.

Fall Fest Pictures - October 25, 2014

Contestants dressed up four scary witches to contend for the Villages' Witch Queen.

The Winner!

Brenda finds a winning sticker to take home one of the many door prizes! 



June 4, 2011 Neighborhood Barbeque


Janet Spencer has shared some extraordinary photos that she took around the Village this Spring.  The Village is definitely in bloom. (From 2009).



                    Penny's Story (October, 2014)

When I found myself dog-less last summer, I went to www.petfinder.com and there was Penny.  She was about two years old and looked like a very small dog from the picture on the website.  When I met her she was fairly large, somewhat nervous, and had the energy of a teenage aerobics instructor.  "She'll settle down", I thought.  Penny joined my family.  She gets along well with my cat, although they play pretty rough.  But Penny is having a harder time adapting than I had figured.  She is very, very protective.  So much so that she wants to bark at everyone.  She has completed PetSmart school: two courses.  If you pass Penny walking in the Village, expect to be barked at.  If you see her and she doesn't bark at you, you will see that she is progressing, very slowly.



Residents of Heritage Village:  Got  a story of a pet, grandchild, a wedding, family reunion, or anything to share with your neighbors?  Submit pictures and stories to Webmaster for inclusion on this website. 



Looking to buy or sell something.  Heritage Village Classifieds, coming soon.  Send descriptions and pictures to Webmaster for inclusion on this website. 


For instructions and dates of Metro-Nashville brush collection, please visit this link.  http://www.nashville.gov/Recycle/brush.htm

Is your townhouse too hot upstairs?  Click here for air conditioner alternatives.

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