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Google Fiber


Heritage Village


Nashville is the fourth city in the U.S. to be chosen to have access to a fiber optic option for Internet and TV.  Heritage Village is to be one of the first communities in Nashville to qualify for this service at no cost to you or the association. 

What this means to us is that you will have the option to have Comcast or AT&T supply Internet and Cable TV to your unit, or have a third option to have Google Fiber high-speed service.  You may choose not to have any of these services if you like. 

All units will have an outlet installed by Google inside their condominiums. 

In the future, all Internet and TV will be delivered by fiber optic wire.  Information travels over fiber optics at speeds of 1000 mbps (megabits per second).  This is more than 100 times faster than what you would currently get with older, slower coaxial cable. 

We are very fortunate to be able to upgrade at this time.  Having your home wired for fiber optics adds, on average, $6,000 to $7,000 to a home’s property value. 

This is how we got to this point: 

In the spring of 2015 a homeowner and member of the board, Linda Stone, heard about Google Fiber and its’ plan to expand to the Nashville area.  She went online and filled out a request for Heritage Village to be considered as a neighborhood to be wired for Fiber Optics.  

On August 5th, a representative of Google Fiber contacted us.  This was Robert, who sent a homeowner’s consent form and told us that each and every homeowner was required to sign in order to bring Fiber to the Village.  On Robert’s instruction, we began a drive to collect these consent forms via email to homeowners.  At this time, Google Fiber stated on their website that when a community was wired with Fiber, all homeowners would receive a low level of free internet.  Robert stated on August 12th that Google no longer offers the free internet.  Speaking of the free Internet he stated: 

Yes, unfortunately we have moved away from that. I think the biggest advantage for the property owners is they will be getting a free upgrade to their homes. Even if they don’t use it themselves, when they sell the property they will be able to advertise Google Fiber connection full fiber capabilities, this is instant equity with zero investment.”

The board made an inquiry to Google Fiber asking whether our bylaws would give the authority to the Board to agree on behalf of the homeowners to have the Village wired for Fiber. 

Section 9. Powers and Duties. The Board shall have the following powers and duties:


(0)   to be responsible for and maintain all streets, roads, utilities, and any other services of a public nature that are classified as "Common Elements in the Master Deed";

Based on this authority, the Board of Directors examined a contract between Google Fiber and Heritage Village and moved, seconded, and passed a motion to approve the contract on September 1st, 2015.  The contract was signed on September 2nd, just as the Board has done with AT&T and Comcast.

This means that Google will be authorized to wire every unit as an upgrade to our utilities.  If you would like to show your support for this project please print, fill out and sign the form HERE.  A volunteer will collect these forms in the following months or they can be dropped off to a small mailbox located on the carport at unit 401 Columbus Trace.  (Map below.)  Even if you don’t sign the form, your unit will be scheduled for installation of a Fiber Optic outlet. 

If you have questions about this upgrade to the Village, simply ask one of the volunteer homeowners who will be contacting you.   


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